- New! Atelopus zeteki (the golden frog or rana dorada), Panama New!

     - New! the Nordic Frogday 2008 in Copenhagen New!

     - the Nordic Frogday 2007 in Copenhagen

     - Red O. granuliferus

     - Green O. granuliferus

     - Pumilio "blue jeans" & "black jeans"


     - Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica Comming soon!

     - Auratus "Campaña", Panama Comming soon!

     - Pumilios in Bocas del Toro, Panama - Several separate articles - Comming soon!

     - Vulcano Barú and the rainforest at Cerro Punta, Panama Comming soon!

     - Auratus "Ancon Hill", Panama Comming soon!

     - Arenal and La Fortuna, Costa Rica Comming soon!



Tree full of bromeliads



                                   Red Beatle in Quepos, Costa Rica 





Fern at a tree





Monkey with baby