Who is the person behind DartFrog.tk?

  My name is Dennis Nilsson.
I started DartFrog.tk in 2001 due to my genuine interest for my, at that moment, quite new hobby, to keep poison dart frogs in vivariums. I had kept snakes in captive some years and had good experience of this but when I started with poison dart frogs I found something that was way more difficult and more interesting to keep and hopefully breed if I just gave it some time. At that moment there where not much websites in english that was helping people with good information and had good photos. All the sites back then where only in german or dutch except from "the british dendrobatid society" and "pumilio.com or Arachnokulture". Another big reason why I started up this site was that I recently had started to combine my old hobby 'photographing' and this hobby with coloful jewels that I kept in terrariums at home. Photographing these animals wasn't easy, not even when they where in these small closed areas and a dream of going to their natural habitats and photograph them in the wild where starting to build up.

To start my old website I had some good help from Arachnokulture (USA) and Reto Siegenthaler (Schweiz) who let me use all their copyrighted photos for setting up my own site, and I still have quite alot of their photos published at this new site and I want to thank them once again for this help. Now I have started to sort all my own photos  for making them available at this new website since it was so much work to add new photos to the old website and this was one of the reasons this new site was built, but I will still use other peoples photos here of species that I still havn't been photographing or don't have enough good photos of myself.

 My first trip to "poison dart frog" countries was in March 2006 when I was visiting Costa Rica together with some dutch friends and this was really a dream comming through. Since that first Costa Rica trip have I been two times in Panama and I'm planning new trips but at the moment I have no idea if these plans can come true, only that they will come true. You will find alot of my photos here at DartFrog.tk and more will be added after time.

 The most important thing for me is my son. I spend as much time as possible with him, meaning that there is sometimes not as much time for other hobbies but other things that is important for me is music. I'm a guitar player and I still learn new things every week even after having played since I was 14 years old (meaning over 18 years of playing, with some breaks). Another important thing for me is my motorbike. It's a Ducati SuperSport 750ie and it might not be the fastest sportsbike I've been driving but it is for sure the most fun bike, especially when you hit a tiny winding road through a forest during a early summerday. Mabie I'm not the star at the racetrack but I enjoy to drive some laps every year together with the Ducati owners club, the sound of a Ducati is almost as nice as hearing a dartfrog call in the wild, at least for me.

 Photographing is a big passion for me. I am using Canons SLR cameras and equipments. My biggest problem is that I'm quite slow at taking care of my photos when I come home, I just don't have enough time or don't priority it  enough. I will try to get better with this and with the new tools like Adobe Lightroom it's alot easier for me to find among all my thousands of photos, so I hope I can get better at this.

Dennis Nilsson