This is the older systematic that was used at the poison dart frogs. Most 'froggers' still use this old systematic even though there is a newer one out. I use the new systematic at my website so this is a way for me to explain for new 'froggers' why there is 2 diffrent names at some of the frogs. I will add a simular picture for the new systematic by time also.

The main changes in the groups is that only auratus, tinctorius, leucomelas, truncatus and mysteriosus still is left in the dendrobates group. All thumbnails from Peru (eg. imitator, ventrimaculatus, lamasi, flavovittatus) have been moved into the group Ranitomeya.
All animals in the group Minyobates except Steyermarkii has been moved into the Ranitomeya group.
Quinquevittatus, castaneoticus, galactonotus have become the new group Adelphobates
All eggfeeders is moved into the group Oophaga.
Many of the Epipidobates species, like silverstonei and hanheli are moved into the new group Ameerega.
There is alot more changes but this is the main changes.