Nordic Frogday 2012

Spannish ribs salamander - Kasper Wendelin 

The first hearing was held by Kasper Wendelin. He showed us photos about his work with the Spannish ribs salamander. His experience in breeding and keeping them and also a lot of information about filters and how to keep it clean with the least amount of work. It was a very interesting speach and I felt tempted to keep some of this huge and nice looking salamanders.


After this is was time for Frokost with Smørrebrød which is nice as always. This is alot of diffrent kinds of sandwiches and it's great for the meat eater. I can guess it's less to choose among for the vegetarian, but everything tasted great.



Less known species from Panamá - Karl-Heinz Jungfer

Karl-Heinz Jungfer - Less known species in Panama

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